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Promise's Prayer

Promise's Prayer by Erika Mathews is now available in paperback and eBook! Promise’s Prayer is the first book of the family-friendly Christian novel series Truth from Taerna. Check out the other blog party stops below, connect with Erika at her website, and don’t forget to join the giveaway!

ABOUT THE BOOK is restless for adventure and relentless in his efforts to bring the land of Taerna back to the blessings of Adon Olam and the prosperity of the days of his ancestors. Fueled by a solemn promise and his mother’s secret, he finds himself in the forefront of a desperate scheme that is crucial to Taerna’s future. Can he keep his promise? Can he save the people of Taerna from the corruption and rampant lawlessness that threaten them with extinction?

Shy and quiet Carita knows she possesses what Taerna’s people so desperately need. But how can she help them when her own soul is simultaneously tormented by witnessing unmet needs and handicapped by her own paralyzing fears?

When Kaelan and Carita come face to face with the true nature of Adon Olam’s call, will they each choose to embrace Adon Olam’s plan for Taerna—and for their own lives?

Erika Mathews is an author and editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and daughter. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s not working with books, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, piano and violin, organizing, and using the Oxford comma. You can connect with Erika at, on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Celebrate the exciting release by entering to win Promise’s Prayer! One winner will receive a paperback and a second winner will receive an ebook. Click here to enter.

Character Spotlight: Kaelan
Description: age 19, 5’10”, dark thick hair, brown eyes, sturdy build, athletic, active
Determined and impetuous, Kaelan is adventurous and tired of the quietness of home. He tends to frown or sigh when he feels emotion (sadness/tears or laughter). He usually wears sandals or boots, a red tunic, dark pants, and a red cloak when the weather is cold. He lives just outside the small village of Frydael in Taerna. He tends to look straight into the eyes of someone he’s speaking to and often tightens his fist to emphasize his point. He’s deliberate and determined, yet his words come quickly. He’s fiercely loyal to his mother and his eleven-year-old sister Laelara. Secretly, he’s afraid of failing. As the oldest of five children, he’s used to the responsibilities of farm life, even though he yearns for something different.
Author’s Note
Kaelan’s character came to life in my mind naturally once the basic idea for the plot was in place. It was as if he stepped into the book fully developed – his personality and appearance fell into place based on his role in the story. I felt as though I understood him even before I started writing. Immediately in Promise’s Prayer, we get to know Kaelan as we see the depths of his emotion and subsequent confusion mingled with his loyalty and determination. Even though Kaelan can be stubborn and set on his own way, it was a delight to journey alongside him and see his character grow and change. His character development is one of my favorite parts of the book.
“That is what is important,” she continued. “If I were you, I should ask Adon Olam about it. He knows what you ought to do. Living in Him makes decisions easier.”
Kaelan looked up to see if she was serious. She was, evidently. He nodded slowly.
“Why not help Laelara clean tonight?” Carita suggested.
“I can’t clean my room and save the world too,” Kaelan muttered as he headed for the house.
“Why not?” Carita asked, following.
“Hff” was all Kaelan replied as he sauntered in.
Why not? What did the girl mean, why not? No one ever saved the world through cleaning a room!
He slammed the bucket down near Laelara with more force than was necessary and stormed up to his room.

Character Interview: Kaelan
Who is your hero? Fraedrick Fox – the explorer who discovered Taerna back in the late 700s. I’ve always thought it would be fun to explore other areas of the world or discover new territories where no one has ever been before. Author Note: that’s not what he says in the book…but you’ll have to read the book to find out who his hero is at that point.
Are you a morning person? Not unless I have to be.
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be the hero and save the world like the people in books. I also wanted to be an explorer.
If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be? It would be nice if my parents wouldn’t have had to work so hard. I would have liked it if they could have spent more time doing things with us.
If you could trade places with anyone in your life, who would it be? Maybe somebody from one of the settlements in the West Taernan Hills! I don’t know… someone who lives a more exciting life. I don’t really know anyone who lives like I want to.
What is the most brag-able thing you've ever done? Brag-able? I don’t know what’s the most brag-able…I’ve done a lot in my life. I once tamed a horse that had gone wild. She still gets spooked easily, but I can ride her. That’s not super exciting though. Maybe that time Ristael, Trentyn, and I built a little house back in the woods? I don’t know. I wish I could do something worth bragging about.
What do you do in your "play" time? Usually I like to carve arrows, or ride across the field. Trentyn and I go exploring on occasion. But I haven’t had much free time recently…there’s so much field work to be done. And it isn’t really safe to go exploring anymore. Wish I could.
What is something that not very many people know about you? Sweet potatoes are my favorite vegetable. But don’t tell Laelara. After planting them all day, I sometimes wonder why I even still like them.
If you could be an expert at one thing, what would it be? Oh… changing people’s minds. Convincing them. Making them listen to me. I wish I could persuade people that lawlessness is ruining them and love of pleasure is driving them to poverty. And I wish I knew how to convince them about Adon Olam.
Do you have a favorite word, and if so, what is it? Not really. But my least favorite word is “normal.” So would that make my favorite word “abnormal”?
If your mother wasn't in that particular situation, would you have promised what you did? Good question. I might have, but she wouldn’t have asked me to make the promise if she was still here to keep it herself.  Still, if she wanted me to I would have. Besides, it gives me something to do with my life besides wear away in the sweet potato fields. But that promise is such a bother sometimes. I really am committed to it, and I will not fail her – but most of the time I feel pretty clueless.

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a poem

"Come, oh come! let us away--
Lower, lower every day, 
Oh, what joy it is to race
Down to find the lowest place. 
This the dearest law we know--
"It is happy to go low."
Sweetest urge and sweetest will,
"Let us go down lower still."
Hear the summons night and day
Calling us to come away.
From the heights we leap and flow
To the valleys down below.
Always answering to the call,
To the lowest place of all.
Sweetest urge and sweetest pain,
To go low and rise again."
-The Water Song - (not by me) -

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

the little ones

"Do you want to get in your crib now?"
"What do you want to do then?"
"Just rock."
"But we can't rock all night."
"Yes we can."

Because fleeting thoughts of history lessons, research papers, writing, dish drying, and actually getting a good nights sleep aren't nearly as important as spending time with your little sister.

And because she'll never know we didn't rock all night because she fell asleep.

Saturday, October 31, 2015